Sarah Jeanette Meyer

My work is an exploration of light. I am compelled by its mystery and has discovered the interaction of light and space to be what drives her creative pursuits. Windows, walls and, ceilings, are critical components in my work, allowing me to construct compositions, which reveal light’s consistent, yet transient nature. 

I seek to build tension in my work through the marriage of light and shadow, challenging myself and my viewers to decipher whether the subject is light itself, or the presence of shadow. This very ambiguity is critical in maintaining my perception of light- that light is invisible, and only by observing its absence do we become aware of its presence. It is through the very act of creating that I navigate this complex reality.

My work speaks to light’s elusiveness, subtlety, and clarity within a variety of constructed spaces. I have no desire to capture light itself, thus emptying it of its mystery, but I hope to give a momentary glimpse toward the intricacies that light embodies.